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    VR + After Work

    Welcome for an after work above the ordinary. Experience some of the most advanced and immersive games in the world.


    We tailor the event after your needs. We use the latest technology, and always aims for the best service. 

    VR + Workshops


    How will Virtual Reality and other emerging technologies affect your business?


    Combine your afterwork or conference with a keynote tailored to inspire and make your business ready for the Next Reality.

    VR + Conference


    Book a conference package with Mission IX and we'll mix up your ordinary business with wonderous virtual reality adventures.


    We can accommodate groups up to 50 people 7 days a week.

    VR center Franchise


    Mission IX is a franchise and turnkey solution for anyone interested in starting a VR center or VR arcade.


    It can be a new store or as part of a larger entertainment center.

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    You and your friends visiting are responsible for your own actions. You spend your time at Mission IX and in our VR experiences at you own risk. Mission IX is not responsible for any accidents or injuries causing physical or mental damage on you or your friends visiting the venue or on your property. If you break any property of Mission IX due to carelessness you will have to compensate for the damage done. Thanks for actually reading this!