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  • What Room Works For You?

    Check out all the private VR rooms we have to offer.

    Room 1

    Dark Side

    Feel the power of the Dark Side in our 'Sith' room. Perfect for up to 5 of your fellow dark siders.

    Room 2

    Light Side

    For the Jedi's amongst you, our Light side room offers space for up to 5 of your fellow Jedi. Perfect for a group of friends.

    Room 3 VIP

    VIP room

    Our VIP room can host up to 5 people. An isolated room with privacy for you and your party. We also have a mini fridge which can be stocked to your requirements.

    Double Room

    2 VR stations - Multiplayer

    Our large double room is perfect for groups who want to battle it out amongst each other. With two VR stations and a large space for friends and family its the perfect room for Birthdays, AW's and events.

    Get your Game on in the Multi!


    The first complete immersive experience in Stockholm

    Walking through Dead Valley or exploring the next gen battlegrounds - Omnifinity allows the user to walk in 360 and totally immerse our users in the Virtual World.

    Think your the next John Wick? Bit of a battlefield hero? Then the omni+ run'n'gun games are where you can test your mettle.

    Only bookable through enquiries.

    Mixed Reality

    Take home your own video of you in VR

    Our Mixed reality room is for those of you who want to take home a little memento of your Virtual Experience. Perfect for business events and personal experiences.

    Only bookable through enquiries.