• Big Gaming Library

    Group Experience

    Dive into our library of preselected games of fantastic virtual reality worlds. Explore different categories of games and share laughs with your friends and family. Remember, it is as fun to watch VR as to play.


    In this experience you share one high-end VR station with your friends or family.

    - In short -

    • 1 VR station
    • Group 
    • 2 to 5 players
    • 50 minutes 
    • 195 kr / player
    • No age limits with a parent present

    You and your friends visiting are responsible for your own actions. You spend you time at Mission IX and in our VR experiences at you own risk. Mission IX is not responsible for any accidents or injuries causing physical or mental damage on you or your friends visiting the venue or on your property. If you break anything of Mission IX property due to carelessness you buy it. Thanks for actually reading this!